Santa Fe Margarita Trail Goes Mobile

24 Apr 2018
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In celebration of National Margarita Day on February 22, 2018, the Santa Fe Margarita Trail passport is now available as a mobile app, encompassing all benefits of the original printed passport, into an interactive mobile experience. The Santa Fe Margarita Trail App is available for $3.99 on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iPhone).

The new app includes an interactive map which locates the closest Margarita Trail location and provides directions to all locations on the Trail. The app tracks the margarita enthusiast’s collection of virtual stamps and sends notifications of progress towards earning rewards. Similar to the original paper passport, the app provides the Margarita Trail location description, recipe for each margarita and a $1 discount on each margarita purchased.

With the launch of the new Santa Fe Margarita Trail App, two new award levels have been created for program participants earning 10 & 15 stamps. The new award levels are the “Margarita Society,” an exclusive membership allowing access to events, seminars and tastings. Once full membership is achieved, users receive a Margarita Society lapel pin, membership card, member certificate and the Margarita Society newsletter.

The new Margarita Trail Award Levels are:

5 stamps = Margarita Trail T-shirt to show off your margarita passion!

10 stamps = Provisionary Member of the Margarita Society

15 stamps = Full Membership in the Margarita Society

20 stamps = Signed copy of The Great Margarita Book

All 31 stamps = Margarita Bartender Kit

To redeem awards, participants must visit the Plaza Visitors Center at 66 E. San Francisco Street. Any of the three Santa Fe Visitor Centers can assist with questions about the new app or transfer existing stamps from a paper passport to the new app.

Since inception in May 2016, 7,500+ Santa Fe Margarita Trail Passports have been sold, over 2,600 prizes awarded and 75 margarita lovers have completed the entire trail enjoying all 31 of the margaritas offered.

For more on the Santa Fe Margarita Trail, please visit


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