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Monthly Roundup: August 2017
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Tribal Opportunities
Overcoming challenges to successfully launch agritourism experiences
By Dan Moore, AIANTA’s Tribal Agritourism Consultant
In the past couple months in our agritourism series, we’ve been focusing on the benefits agritourism can bring to tribal communities – from  connecting visitors to the cultural significance of tribal agricultural land and operations, to the potential revenue source that agritourism can present.
Because traditional Native American cultivation and harvesting has not been limited to farms and ranches in the modern sense, tribal agritourism can incorporate a much broader scope. Many communities and entrepreneurs around the country have harnessed travelers’ increasing interest in food and farming as an opportunity to invest in traditional cuisine and practices. Beyond leading to increased community pride, many of these opportunities also provide an effective avenue for perpetuating Native cultures and traditions through education and first-hand experiences.
Industry News
AIANTA and George Washington University Launch Cultural Heritage Tourism Certificate Program
AIANTA, in partnership with George Washington University (GW) International Institute of Tourism Studies is launching an online six-week cultural heritage tourism certificate program. The first program will run October 2-November 12, 2017.
This online certificate program is designed as a self-managed process that can be taken online in order to learn the content at a student’s own pace. Each course offers an excellent opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to leverage tourism as an engine for economic and community development.

The Course Registration Link is here.  To LEARN MORE about our new Cultural Heritage Tourism Certificate Program please contact Anna Barrera, George Washington University at or Gail Chehak, AIANTA Outreach Coordinator at or at 505.243.3633.

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AIANTA is thrilled to acknowledge our 2017 American Indian Tourism Conference Sponsors, whose support is instrumental in making this conference possible.
We invite you to take the time to get to know our generous sponsors:
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There’s still time to become a sponsor! If you’d like to support AITC, contact Gail Chehak at 505.243.3633 or before September 5, 2017.

Welcome New Members: August 2017
We encourage you to take a moment and read a little about each of our new AIANTA members.
If you’re interested in becoming a member or would like to learn more about membership, contact Gail Chehak at 505.243.3633 or

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